Non-conditional assistance means that all trafficked persons have the right to assistance and protection from the governments, and that this assistance is in no way conditional on the person providing testimony or other assistance and/or cooperation in prosecution.

Assistance is a crucial element in the prevention, suppression and prosecution of trafficked persons. Making assistance conditional, in effect bribing trafficked persons to testify against their traffickers, is short-term and wrong-headed thinking.

Demanding cooperation places great emotional strain on individuals who may already be experiencing trauma, and it may increase the risk of retribution against the person or his/her family, and is a denial of fundamental human rights. Experience shows that efforts to coerce people who have been trafficked and exploited into cooperating with authorities will almost certainly not generate evidence suitable for use in court proceedings and eventually fewer and fewer trafficked persons come forward to authorities. Without comprehensive assistance that provides persons with a way out of the cycle of debt and abuse, trafficked persons are at high risk of re-trafficking.