Demand is a term used in reference to sex work, to describe the needs or wants of clients who frequent sex workers.

Current international discussion about the "demand" for human trafficking is extremely narrow, focusing only on trafficking for sexual exploitation and does not address other forms of trafficked labour (forced or exploitative). Within this narrow perspective, the discussion is limited to the role and demand of the clients of sex workers, and does not address the role or the responsibility of states and the private sector.

The term demand can more accurately refer to globalization and the demand for cheap, exploitable labour and services in many countries, particularly those in the global north. In destination countries, there is a growing need for unskilled and labour intensive work in order to be able to compete with low wage countries. This work is mostly done by irregular and unprotected migrant workers. Both governments and corporations are accountable for this exploitative situation and should take responsibility to change it. Not least, we as consumers have a responsibility to stimulate and support fair trade and perpetuate awareness around this issue.