What We Do

Evaluating and measuring our progress

Annual reporting to Government

This report will form the primary mechanism for evaluating and measuring progress under the National Action Plan. To ensure the ongoing flexibility of Ghana's strategy to combat human trafficking and slavery, preparation of this report will include consideration on amendments or additions to the new measures being undertaken.

Eban Roundtable on Human Trafficking and Slavery

In addition to being briefed annually on the outcomes under the EBAN Action Plan, the Roundtable will form a key consultative mechanism for the preparation of the annual report setting out progress under the EBAN Action Plan including any amendments or additions to the new measures to be undertaken.

Operational Working Group

The OWG meets every six weeks and includes as a standing agenda item issues including a review of recent cases including to consider both the investigative and prosecutorial outcomes and the impact of the Support for Trafficked People Program and Human Trafficking Visa Framework. This will ensure timely consideration of operational issues arising under the EBAN Action Plan.