What We Do

Innovative Programs

Eban supports a variety of innovative programs that fill the gaps in the fight against human trafficking. An example is a multi-disciplinary effort to address forced labor in the agricultural sector by supporting a justice system capable of effectively, fairly and efficiently handling labor trafficking cases; protecting labor trafficking victims; and addressing the root causes of labor exploitation. The initiative will mirror the "4P" paradigm (the established international framework to combat human trafficking) and will include a best-in-class comprehensive effort to prosecute traffickers, protect victims, prevent trafficking and promote partnerships to achieve progress across the other three P's. The initiative will launch as a pilot program in Texas.

The Human Trafficking Conversation Series convenes experts to address and raise public awareness of distinct aspects of human trafficking. Eban has also hosts Human Trafficking Symposiums consisting of daylong events with action-oriented breakout sessions and panel discussions from leading experts and congressional leaders.